In 2018, we set out to bring radical change to how politics are done in the City of Surrey.
Our ideas and our team are a result of this new direction.

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Building Surrey together.

There is so much to be proud of in Surrey. And there is so much work still to do. We imagine a Surrey that is safe for everyone, where our city is known to be strong and inviting. We imagine a Surrey that is rich with opportunity and vibrant with culture. Our vision is to engage the youth and families of Surrey so that, together, we shape the future of our city.

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Tom Gill

Mayoral Candidate

Tom Gill has been a resident of Surrey for the past 25 years and currently lives with his wife, Pav, and their three young children in the Fraser Heights neighbourhood.

Tom is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) and has served on Surrey City Council since 2005 where he has been a part of a new generation of leadership. During his time as an elected official, Tom has been guided by his fundamental belief that his job is to give a voice to all constituents, and that his duty as a Council member is to constantly work toward responsible growth in the creation of a fiscally sound and socially progressive city.

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Linda Annis
Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers
Linda has always found opportunities to give back and help her community—both as a volunteer and as Executive Director of Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers.
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Narima dela Cruz
Community Activist
Founding director of Surrey Philippine Independence Day Society, Narima is an active volunteer and voice for marginalized people, working to ensure immigrant communities feel included.
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Trevor Halford
Government Affairs, TransCanada
Trevor was introduced to public service at an early age. Since then, he's remained interested in politics as a means of shaping the future for the benefit of all families in the community.
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Paul Hillsdon
City Planner
Growing up in Surrey, Paul wondered why young people weren't attracted to the city. As a City Planner he works to answer that question through transit and public spaces.
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Vera LeFranc
Social Justice Advocate
As a Surrey City Councillor, Vera transcends politics to meet the needs of the citizens of Surrey, whether that's working on housing or spearheading poverty reduction initiatives.
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Mike Starchuk
Retired Firefighter
Service as a first responder, firefighter and public safety figure over the past 32 years have provided Mike with a unique perspective of the city and those who reside here.
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Upkar Tatlay
Managing Director, Oxus Nexus
Upkar gives back through a variety of initiatives, working with aboriginal youth, as a founder of the Rising Starts Basketball Academy and serving on numerous boards and committees.
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Raminder Thomas
Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce
As the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Raminder brings her leadership capabilities and skillset, together with her interest in improving her community through volunteerism and business.
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Public Safety

Taking immediate steps to curb violence must be balanced with long-term policy decisions — ensuring that we prevent problems before they happen.

Connecting Communities

From LRT to an Innovation Hub, we're interested in the  investments that strengthen the fabric of our community, making Surrey more vibrant and inviting.

Housing & Livability

Every month 1,300 new residents choose Surrey for its livability and amenities for young families. Let's invest in what's working and future protect our city.

Arts & Culture

The vibrancy and maturity of a city is often judged by the quality of its artistic expression. It's time for Surrey to invest for the future of our cultural landscape.

Sports & Recreation

Our public venues are second to none in the Province. Pride of place comes from supporting homegrown talent, cultivated on our own fields and facilities.

Open & Transparent Government

Let's shape our future, together. That can only happen when everyone feels welcome at City Hall, and our residents understand how decisions are made.



Our future is at stake.
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