Mike Starchuk
"We have so much inside this city that no one knows about."
Mike Starchuk
Retired Firefighter

Raised and educated in the Newton area, Mike has spent the past 50 years watching Surrey’s landscape develop from a vast municipality to the dynamic city that it is today. Married in 1982, Mike and his wife Sue brought up their two children in the same area – the brush and trees that Mike played in as a child became the parks and schools their children enjoyed while growing up in Surrey.

Mike retired from the position of Chief Fire Prevention Officer with the Surrey Fire Services, on July 31, 2014. During his time with the Surrey Fire Fighters Association, Mike has been active with health and safety initiatives in the city and across the province. He is also one of the founding members of the Surrey Fire Fighters Charitable Society, which is one of the leading charities in Surrey. Mike continues to collaborate with other city departments, City Hall staff, and the RCMP, in order to achieve safer conditions for those who live in the city.

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Public Safety

Taking immediate steps to curb violence must be balanced with long-term policy decisions — ensuring that we prevent problems before they happen.

Connecting Communities

From LRT to an Innovation Hub, we're interested in the  investments that strengthen the fabric of our community, making Surrey more vibrant and inviting.

Housing & Livability

Every month 1,300 new residents choose Surrey for its livability and amenities for young families. Let's invest in what's working and future protect our city.

Arts & Culture

The vibrancy and maturity of a city is often judged by the quality of its artistic expression. It's time for Surrey to invest for the future of our cultural landscape.

Sports & Recreation

Our public venues are second to none in the Province. Pride of place comes from supporting homegrown talent, cultivated on our own fields and facilities.

Open & Transparent Government

Let's shape our future, together. That can only happen when everyone feels welcome at City Hall, and our residents understand how decisions are made.


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